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Deep Calleth Unto Deep,
HIIT Discipleship

Deep Calleth Unto Deep, HIIT Discipleship is a high impactful and intensified training center designed to help disciples of Christ (men and women of God) understand and apply the Word of God by faith in their lives. This program is based on the concept of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and is designed to help Christians deepen their understanding and application of the Word of God. Through HIIT Discipleship, the Word of God is reiterated and practiced in short, intense intervals. This includes Bible study, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines that are practiced in a manner that is both high-impact and intense. This program helps believers to grow in their faith, to develop a deeper relationship with God, and to learn how to apply the Word of God to everyday life. The goal of HIIT Discipleship is to help believers become more effective disciples of Jesus Christ. Through this program, believers can gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God and become more effective in applying it to their lives.

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