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Women of Faith
International Fellowship 

Welcome to Women of Faith International Fellowship est. 2023, where women from diverse backgrounds converges into a harmonious symphony of Faith. In our Vision, we see a world where women stand united, guided by One Spirit, under one Lord, and bound by a shared Baptism. This Vision births a Global-Kingdom Fellowship: a Community of Empowered Women of God dedicated to unwavering faith, transformative education, and exemplary leadership.

Our Mission is clear: to empower Women of Faith from diverse backgrounds to come together in faith, echoing the unifying message of Ephesians 4:4-7.

In this shared journey, we cultivate unwavering faith, provide avenues for transformative education, and inspire exemplary leadership within our Global-Kingdom Communities.

At Women of Faith International Fellowship, we believe in the strength of unity, the power of faith, and the transformative impact of Education. 

Are you ready to be part of a Global-Kingdom Fellowship, where diverse backgrounds converge into a powerful force of unity? Join Women of Faith International Fellowship and become a catalyst for change!  Join us as we walk this path together, building a legacy of empowered Women of God Called and Commissioned By Jesus!

Our call to action is simple but profound: Embrace the vision of a world where women stand united in faith, guided by a common Spirit, under one Lord. If you're passionate about fostering unwavering faith, seeking transformative education, and embodying exemplary leadership, then this is your community!

Together, we amplify our voices for God, strengthen our impact in His Kingdom, and build a legacy here on earth as it is in Heaven of empowered Women Leaders. Click the link, become a part of Women of Faith International Fellowship—let's make a difference together!

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